Goldcrest Standard

A project of stages, culminating in the issue of a range of coins and banknotes the value of which is determined by wildlife. Read the project rationale.

Latest project stage

Latest stage



Factory for Currency Failure: a live window workshop performance where the artist worked towards overstamping exisitng two pence pieces with an image of a goldcrest to launch an alternative, ecological currency reserve. It represents a half way point in the Goldcrest Standard project

presented at Number82.org July 2011








Reducing a design

Initial production concept was to manufacture a 3d pantograph with cycle powered dremel attachment, copying in part how modern coin dies are manufactured.









Reused materials were sourced











The Pantograph was manufactured





But the tolerances of manufacture - even while still 2d - were not good enough to ensure accurate reduction.







Plan for coin die blank Working directly on 1:1 scale was adopted.





Coin Die Blank

Graver's tools were bought through ebay, judged a reasonable resource cost for retooling








The coin die blank was carved in the workshop


  A number of blanks were completed on 1:1 scale directly into plaster.






See slideshow of images:

Factory for Currency Failure




The next stages will require:

  • manufacture of waste oil blast furnace
  • casting of die in iron
  • researching pressure or impact pressing
  • resolving possible legal issues of overstriking two pence pieces.
  • striking coins