More Hydrohack tools and films


lo-fi, lo-cost underwater research tools using discarded and collapsing technology







Make your own

'Contingency Research Platform'

Version 2



Duplicate instructions for the same post-industrial, post-bureacratic build (see below)

This documentation aims to be more resilient and less dependent upon unsustainable infrastructure (once it is completed). Instructions produced in ceramics using 'digital-medieval' process.







Make your own

'Contingency Research Platform'

Version 1



A free and open set of instructions for turning your office into a sea kayak (external link).

These instructions are dependent upon the continuing open availability of web and net, personal computers and power infrastructure!







Contingency Research Platform



A traditional West Greenland kayak design, but made using post-industrial, post-bureacratic flotsam (suits, desk, computer...)







Intention Over Regret


An installation in the 'Sandpit' facility of Falmouth University







Speculative Apparatus



A machine that acts exclusively upon the human imagination.









How does 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' change our approaches to marine research?











Waterproof a camera using a pickle jar and become a citizen researcher







Replanting the Angel Oak



Bringing a Sapling from the eroding margins of England to Peckham Rye

...and an update here







The Goldcrest Standard


Project proposing new currency based on ecological value. See planning, factory for currency failure and coin stamping.








Reading the Waves


Multi-dimensional Factbook from Shetland and North Uist research residency








Poundbury Robot Society


A para factual membership society

Poundbury Robot Society:










Towards Pschonutrition


Downloadable e-book commissioned by Proboscis








Crystal Palace Island


Downloadable diy wallpaper








Building Jewellery


Counteracting our conspiracy of invisibility regarding the built environment








Orquesta Tonta (aka the idiots orchestra)


Participatory unmusic








Thinking Machine


DIY Reflection








Piel Urbano


Participatory project with young artists








Digital movie loops


Animistic technology and spirit of place







Sydenham Arts Festival


Unrace - a collaboration with Tim Eastop